Inhumans Shows Off A New Trailer And A Ton Of Footage That Raises The Verdict From ‘Bad’ To ‘Meh’

Inhumans Shows Off A New Trailer And A Ton Of Footage That Raises The Verdict From ‘Bad’ To ‘Meh’

ABC’s newest Marvel show took to the stage at San Diego Comic-Con today. The panel ended with a new, extended trailer that has a bit more action and effects, and happily, makes the TV miniseries look a bit less terrible — and finally includes a look at Medusa’s wig — er, hair in action. We have the trailer, and a full report on everything else we saw.

Image: Marvel/ABC

In addition to the new trailer, are also saw four full scenes that ranged a fair bit in quality, leaving a final sense of “meh”, which is technically an improvement!

First, they showed an opening sequence on Earth where Triton (Mike Moh) has gone looking for Inhumans. We saw a brief glimpse of this scene in the trailer, but now we see a bit more: A blonde girl with gold eyes runs through a jungle from men with guns, when she’s stopped by Triton, who says he’s been looking for her because she’s an Inhuman. He says there’s a place where everyone is like them, but the girl is shot and goes down. Triton runs, gets a bullet to the leg, and jumps into the sea. The shooters say the mission is complete, but there’s no way Triton is actually dead.

That said, at least one person thinks he died: Maximus (Iwan Rheon) confronts Black Bolt (Anson Mount) about it in the royal dining room (which we also saw briefly in the trailer). Triton’s mission was a secret, apparently, and no one else was informed.

Black Bolt’s dialogue is all sign language, with his queen Medusa (Serinda Swan) translating for him, which Swan said they worked to make sure to synch very carefully. Swan also said that she doesn’t always translate literally what he says, but that she interprets it slightly. It’s also a sign language made up just for Medusa and Black Bolt to use to communicate with each other.

Through Medusa, Black Bolt explains that he sent Triton to Earth because the people there who have been exposed to Terrigenesis are their Inhumans brothers and sisters and need to be rescued. Karnak (Ken Leung) theorises that they are the descendants left over from when they all moved to the Moon.

Maximus disagrees, saying that they shouldn’t be bringing the new Inhumans to Attilan because their resources are stretched thin and can barely support the current population. “We should be going there,” he says, and then storms out.

Karnak then warns Black Bolt that “right or wrong”, Maximus has the ear of the people and is dangerous. He adds that Black Bolt is blind to his brother, before he too leaves the table, promising his loyalty to Black Bolt. Next, Gorgon (Eme Ikwuakor) also leaves in a high dudgeon, saying, “You should have sent me instead of Triton,” and leaving with Medusa’ sister Crystal (Isabelle Cornish).

The bad news is that all the dialogue in these scenes are stilted and stiff. I’d say they are trying to give the Attilan Inhumans a different tone from Earth-bound Inhumans (and regular humans, of course), but the Earth girl’s dialogue with Triton isn’t convincingly delivered either.

However, we next saw some of the show’s action scenes, and the dialogue there is slightly better. Gorgon, in what looks like the same jungle from the aforementioned Triton footage, and Karnak on Attilan are both confronted by forces under the command of Maximus, who has declared himself king, making it seem very much like the forces Triton encountered earlier were actually Maximus’. They approach Gorgon, who says, “Never approach downwind, dumbarse.” This is the best line in this footage and the most naturally delivered, and its followed by Gorgon disposing of his foes with a lot of hard kicks and punches. The men go flying.

In contrast, Karnak is approached by forces who tell him that their orders are “Capture or kill. Your choice.” Karnak’s a snarky arse, saying, “I love choices.” We see Karnak get stunned and taken out, and then the scene freezes, and then red and yellow lines and circles — like a football play, but with runic-looking writing — pop up to evaluate how the fight went wrong. It’s actually Karnak’s mind quickly evaluating options. His next option, very precise, succeeds, and he finishes with the quip, “Never should have given me a choice.”

The fourth scene showed Maximus being a bit of a creep. He tells Medusa that Black Bolt should have never sent Triton. He says they are all “bounced around” according to Black Bolt’s will and then he says that he would never treat her the way Black Bolt does if she were his queen. “I am your queen,” she replies. Maximus really lays it on thick, he’s really into Medusa and he really, truly believes they would be great together. And Medusa is not into it.

Maximus has some history with Medusa, saying that they made a good team when they were younger. “We were never a team,” Medusa spits. He counters they were “the bad kids who would sneak away and cause trouble” and then asks, “Do you ever think about how much better your life would be with me?” He really thinks she longs for him the way he does for her. And that’s when Medusa’s hair starts levitating a bit, puffing out like an angry cat, and then tendrils grab him around the neck and slam him against the wall. It’s the long-awaited scene. Maximus pervs out a bit more, and the scene ends on Medusa making her feelings abundantly clear: “You’re disgusting.”

I have to say, up until this creepy moment, I was so not into this whole family, I was kind of on Maximus’ side. Not so much now that he’s every creepy guy at every high school reunion. But at least he provided the motivation for Medusa to finally show off her hair powers, so that’s something.