Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 Recap: Dragonstone

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Season 7 has officially landed! We have the full recap of episode 1 below for your reading pleasure. Let's get cracking, cause there's a lot to unpack.

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't seen episode 1 stop reading now, or you’ll regret it. 'I’ve waited a whole year for this and I can’t believe you’ve ruined it, you monster' regret. No one likes regret. So, stop thinking about it and just book a Mustang test drive already.

A Feast For Bros

Image: HBO / Game of Thrones

The episode proper starts with a cold open. Walder Frey has gathered is kin together for a feast and is addressing them in a grandiose fashion. Those who remember the episode recap from 15 seconds earlier will realise this is Arya in disguise.

Fauxlder Frey declares that they all deserve a feast, the second this fortnight, because of how awesome they are. He even bought them special "Arbor Gold Wine" to mark the occasion. Except the women. No fancy plonk for them.

As the men drink, Fauxlder congratulates them on having the guts to kill the Starks at the Red Wedding. Even though they were guests in their house. And some were mothers. And pregnant.

It's around this time that the Freys begin to choke and keel over. As this is playing out, Fauxlder scolds them over not killing all of the Starks.

"Leave one wolf alive and the sheep are never safe."

Image: HBO / Game of Thrones

The Frey men all die and the few women in the crowd look gobsmacked. Fauxlder removes his face to reveal Arya. As Walder's prepubescent bride stares, Arya gives her instructions on what to tell people. "Tell them the North remembers. Tell them that winter is coming for House Frey."

And with that Arya, the biggest bad arse in this entire series (except for perhaps Lyanna Mormont) walks out of the hall, through the dead bodies, with a smirk gracing her face.

Cue the opening credits! We have some exciting new editions this time around, such as Oldtown and Dragonstone. Get hype!

Stark Raven Mad

HBO / Game of Thrones

In case we were still confused over whether winter was here - a barren, freezing plain is here to remind us. We witness the slow march of the white walkers with their brand new giant in tow from last season.

Uh oh.

Meanwhile, Bran and Meera arrive at The Wall. At first, the guards are skeptical of his Stark heritage, but Bran drops some mad knowledge and they're granted entry.

Back in Winterfell, Jon Snow is addressing the noble families of the North. Fighters and Dragonglass are needed to defeat the White Walkers. He declares that even young girls should start training.

Naturally, some old mate takes issue with the idea of his granddaughter holding a spear, but Lyanna shuts him right down, declaring, "I don't plan on knitting by the fire while men fight for me." What a legend.

Image: HBO / Game of Thrones

Since they were already on the topic of equality, Jon also decides that the Wildlings should man a Knight's Watch castle beyond the wall, much to the delight of Tormund.

Jon and Sansa also use this meeting to disagree over what to do with the castles of the former bannerman who fought against in the Battle of the Bastards. Sansa wants to give their lands and property to loyal families, where Jon wants to promote forgiveness and not punish children for the crimes of their parents.

In the end, Jon wins, the kids pledge loyalty and BAElish Littlefinger watches from the shadows, clearly reveling in the division between the siblings.

The disagreement between the two carries on outside. It basically boils down to Sansa wanting more collaboration between them and warning Jon against the decisions that other Stark men have made that led to their deaths.

They're interrupted by a raven arriving from King's Landing. Cersei is demanding that Jon come to King's Landing to bend the knee, lest he suffer the same fate as other traitors, AKA Ned and Robb.

While Jon is all "lol YOLO" at the message, Sansa advises that he not just focus on the White Walkers and take Cersei's seriously. Jon surmises that Sansa seems to admire her. She doesn't agree, but does say she has learned a lot from her.

Salt Bae

Image: HBO / Game of Thrones

Speaking of which, we cut to Mummy Fearest Cersei who is standing on a freshly painted mural of Westeros in a truly metaphorical fashion.

Jaime enters and even he seems scared of her now. And she calls him on it.

He refutes this, but also straight up says she has no idea how much deep shit they're in. Not only do they have zero allies, they're fighting enemies on all sides of her unnecessary floor-map.

Meanwhile, Cersei is low-key annoyed at Jaime for freeing Tyrion two season ago - because now he's the Hand to Daenerys Targaryen and helping lead an army against them.

Speaking of family, Jaime wants to know exactly what dynasty they're fighting for since all their kids are dead and all. He tries to bring up Tommen, but Cersei shuts the conversation down, saying that her son betrayed her.

The conversation returns to allies and we suddenly jump to some hardcore looking ships pulling into the King's Landing Harbour.

It turns out Cersei thought it would be a swell idea to invite Euron Greyjoy to be the new Lannister ally. Jaime isn't impressed and throws some shade, "All they know is how to steal things they didn't build or grow themselves"

Image: HBO / Game of Thrones

Cut to the throne room. Euron pleads his case to Cersei by complaining about his niece and nephew and proposing that they go forth and murder their traitorous relatives together.

Jaime casually mentions how Euron burned the Lannister Fleet at Casterly Rock. This doesn't throw Euron though. Instead, he fan boys over how beautiful it was to watch Jaime cut down his fellow Greyjoy kin. Jaime is very much "Dafuq" at this.

Getting down to brass tax, Euron declares how rad his ships are and that Cersei desperately needs them to keep her throne. He also says that he has always wanted to marry the most beautiful woman in the world and that he has "two good hand". It was a pretty great burn.

Cersei refuses so Euron promises to earn her trust by bringing her a priceless gift. Is it another kid, cause she's clean run out of those.

Nerd Alert

GIF: HBO / Game of Thrones

Welcome to the Citadel! We're treated to a montage of Sam cleaning chamber pots, gagging, serving meals and putting books away. He also spends a lot of time eyeing off the locked section of library.

During a casual autopsy, he talks to one of the Maesters about getting access to the restricted section. After throwing some light shade Sam's way, he declares to believe him about the white walkers due to the sources he's read in these super secret books.

He proceeds to offer a history lesson on Westeros and how the people of the Citadel "are this world's memories".

He declares that The Wall has stood through it all and that every winter that ever came has ended. Later, as the Maester sleeps, Sam steals the key and sneaks into the library under the cover of darkness.

HBO / Game of Thrones

Back in Winterfell, Tormund ogles Brienne as she spars with Podrick. From above, BAElish Littlefinger makes small talk with Sansa, who just doesn't want to deal with his tedious bids for her attention.

Sansa disses and dismisses her admirer in front of Brienne, surmising that she knows exactly what he wants.

Is That...

Image: HBO / Game of Thrones

Next we find Arya is riding through a forest and approaches a small singing band of young soldiers.

And because the world is a rich tapestry,of course Ed Sheeran is sitting by a fire and raising the leafy roof with his band of merry men.

The crew offers Arya some refreshments and talk about how much of a garbage fire King's Landing is. Things are slightly awkward when its revealed that they're being sent to keep the peace after the frey murders, but Arya poker faces the situation like a champ.

One of the soldiers drops a variation of the worst pickup line of all time ""Why is a nice girl on her own heading to kings landing?"

Arya declares that she is going to kill the queen. After a pregnant pause, everyone has a good laugh together and drink some blackberry wine.

Every Dog Has Its Day

Image: HBO / Game of Thrones

The Hound rides north with Beric and Thoros, who are giving him a hard time for being grumpy all the time. He fires back by taking issue with the latter's top knot.

They find an abandoned house to spend the night in, but The Hound isn't happy about it. Inside they find the skeletons of a father and a child and he seems really disturbed.

Later the gang sit around a fire and The Hound berates Beric for always being brought back to life by the Lord of Light. Beric has an existential crisis moment, talking about how he doesn't know his purpose."

The Hound is told to look into the flames. In a vision we don't actually see, he describes The wall, a castle and the white walkers.

It looks like we may have another believer on our hands.

Later, Top Knot awakes to sounds outside. He finds the Hound burying the skeletons and concludes that he must have known them. After helping with the burial, a few jumbled words are said and it's all rather moving.

Yass Queen

Image: HBO / Game of Thrones

Meanwhile, back at the Citadel, Sam reads while Gilly plays with a very cute Little Sam.

He discovers a map of Dragonstone that reveals that there is a mountain of dragonglass buried beneath it. Jon needs to know about this, stat.

Image: HBO / Game of Thrones

Later, while going about his daily routine, a diseased hand reaches out from a locked door. It looks an awful lot like Greyscale. The voice it belongs to asks about whether Daenerys has arrived in Westeros.

I think we can all agree that it's Jorah, yeah?

As it turns out, Dany has totally arrived.

Image: HBO / Game of Thrones

She sails towards Dragonstone with her usual crew by her side and her dragons flitting about in the air. She takes her time walking along the beach. Her posse watch as she delicately imprints her hand in the same. She's home.

It's all very emotional as the progression heads towards the castle. Paths are walked. Gates are opened. Music swells.

Eventually they reach the main hall, where a truly bad arse throne awaits. It looks like it has been constructed from dry lava.

Image: HBO / Game of Thrones

Daenerys and Tyrion move into what appears to be the war room. The queen brushes her fingers across the map-carved table and the little pawns that have survived.

It is only now that she finally speaks.

"Shall we begin?"

And that's it for episode one! Although I do have a few...

Assorted Musings

Image: HBO / Game of Thrones

Just a few extra thoughts.

  • Why is Ed Sheeran here?
  • The last snippet of conversation between Sansa and Jon is really interesting. Sansa hates Cersei, but she has learned to recognise a fellow survivor. And this is a woman she looked up to once, in a way. I've loved the evolution of Sansa, particularly in the way she has mimicked the women in power around her through style and dress. She did this with both Cersei and Margaery. Now she seems to have embraced her northern heritage and come into her own, whilst drawing some physical inspiration from Catelyn.
  • I really wonder what Cersei is living for at this point. For the past six seasons her children have seemingly been her driving force. Perhaps its simply revenge now? If she does theoretically win the war and smites all of the traitors and enemies in her life, what will she be left with besides a lonely kingdom? I honestly don't think she would ever be happy with just Jaime by her side with nothing left to fight.
  • The sick part of me that loves Littlefinger really wants his pursuit of Sansa to be genuine. Sure, we all know that he wants to rule the Seven Kingdoms, but wouldn't it be romantic (albeit in a twisted fashion) if he genuinely loved her and wasn't just trying to get retroactive revenge on Caitlyn? I would watch them burn the world together.
  • I wonder how much time has passed since last season? Little Sam has clearly grown a bit, and neither Cersei or Jaime seem to be freshly grieving the death of Tommen. And yet all of Jon's scenes feel like they could be happening in the weeks following the Battle of the Bastards. And Fauxlder mentions that this is the second feast in as many weeks. Also, Cersei's hair is still short. But hey, maybe she's just digging the pixie cut?

That's enough violence, low key flirting and scheming for one day. It’s time to stop thinking and start driving. Book your Mustang test drive today.


    I wonder who Sheeran plageurised the song from fir this episode. He’s already been caught out ripping off Marvin Gaye and TLC.

    i like the idea of jon snow and dany getting married and ruling together but come on there is only one person on the entire freaking planet that should truly sit on it and be a bad arse with the best intentions.. the grumpy 10yo herself.. lady mormont

      Hear Hear! Lady Mormont for queen of the seven kingdoms!

      Dany is Jon's aunt... Her older bother, Rhaegar Targaryen, is his dad... Now, if you're okay with first cousin's, Sansa is available.

        European royalty is careless with interbreeding so it would make sense...

        first cousins? hey i play crusader kings 2.. if you havent slept with your sister, murdered your first born and spawned the antichrist you arent playing it right

        There's precedent. - the Targaryens had a habit of marrying siblings, which is what caused the Mad King to be.. well, mad.

    Here’s my experience with Season 7: Paid for Foxtel Now because I agree with paying for media that I enjoy and I try to use legal methods to obtain it. Nears the 2030 premiere - Foxtel Now shits the bed with traffic and ends up timing out. Give up, go to torrents, find a higher quality file and get it on demand. Cancel subscription to Foxtel.

    So much for improving access to media! Christ, why did I even bother? No wonder piracy is still rampant, even when you try to play fair, you still lose out.

      Trying to sign up on Foxtel Now currently, it's breaking, not allowing a subscription to be made, and entirely non-functional, I'm literally unable to legitimately pay to see this show :( So lame

        For what it's worth, after expecting it to be garbage, Foxtel Now was surprisingly decent for me. No issues signing up and a decent quality stream with no need to buffer, even on my lousy connection.

        Last edited 17/07/17 8:56 pm

          Me too! I started watching around 8pm and got an uninterupted HD stream the whole time. I was shocked to jump on to FB to discuss, only to see the world of Foxtel melting around me.

        Getting it to stream through my chromecast sucked. Took at least 7 goes before it would start streaming and them dropped out twice.

        They should have prepared for this, especially with giving out free three month trials etc. Almost as bad as Telstra underestimating the demand Netflix would have on its bandwidth a few years ago.

        On the bright side, it hasn't cost me anything and if they lift their game next week will be better. Worst case, 1080p it is.

        Last edited 17/07/17 10:19 pm

      Yeah I had a few disconnections but I was still able to connect after a few retries. Sort of makes sense when 5 million people stream the same content at the same time. Still prefer that over stealing

      Last edited 17/07/17 11:11 pm

        Alternatively they could actually invest in the infrastructure to not collapse when one of the biggest, long-awaited shows returns? It's not like this was unexpected.

          Exactly. It's probably the biggest increase they have in membership all year. They should have made sure of it.

        A few disconnections? That's ridiculous. Couldn't think of anything worse than my crappy 720p version of GoT disconnecting mid ep. Think I'll stick to downloading and buying the bluray as soon as it's released. Might be illegal but I still support the content creators and honestly if it wasn't for the minefield of spoilers I'd wait and binge watch the season once it's on bluray. But watching my favourite show ever in subpar quality with "a few" disconnections. Not a chance.

      You could have just realise in this technical age, things go wrong and wait an hour.

      It's hardly unique or surprise in this generation. Love how people are making a huge deal about it and use it as some how an excuse or justification.

    Did anyone else notice the book that was open when Sam was looking in the locked section? It was very obviously a diagram of a planet's orientation to the sun, i.e when seasons occur.

    With that, plus the way the Grand Maester talked to Sam later, I'd say they know a lot more then they're letting on

    Fauxlder Frey XD

      You get the Joke yes? just making sure you know it's not a typo.

    No ones talking about the greatest cameo by Thomas Turgoose!

    ME: Watched GOT legally on Foxtel Android App. Can't cast it onto my TV, kept dropping out, had to sign in over 20 times, costing me significant $'s just to watch this one series.
    FRIEND: Watch GOT illegally, cast onto big screen, great HD quality, no glitches in performance, completely free.
    AND YOU WONDER WHY THEIR IS A PIRACY PROBLEM IN AUSTRALIA!? When companies like Foxtel offer such poor value for money and such poor service. They have had 10 years to get streaming right and still managed to stuff things up because they are a Monopoly and cut corners. I will not be using Foxtel again.

    finally got to watch GoT last night after having been trying to get foxtel to tell us whether or not they cancelled out fucked up account creation during the crash. im glad i was able to watch it legally. i didnt have any crashes or glitches on my htpc. im also not a resolution whore, so the 720p was great for me. i was also surprised with the amount of other content in the pop pack with foxtel now. ill probably hold on to it for a month or 2, some decent content for $15 a month.

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