Deals: A Secure, Fast VPN For Free

Image: iStock

In this age of ubiquitous government metadata retention, having secure online communications is more important than ever. So you should hook yourself up with a VPN for all your digital activity — and this one's free at the moment.

Windscribe is a Canadian VPN provider that has locations around the world, including Australia. Windscribe's free accounts allow for 50GB of data transfer for munch — and signing up with the SOS60GBS coupon code boosts that to 60GB per month. This particular freebie was spotted by Ozii on OzBargain, and that entire thread is full of some pretty solid praise for Windscribe's terms of service and actual performance.

If you want to take a different route, the $12 unlock level of the current Humble Software Bundle includes a year's subscription to Windscribe, which unlocks 45 browsing locations and faster (or more preferential over free users, at least) transfer speeds.

Thanks to the guys at OzBargain who keep a tireless eye out for this kind of stuff! [OzBargain / Humble Bundle]

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