Dave Filoni Can’t Stop Lampshading Ahsoka’s Death, Even After Confirming She’s Alive

Dave Filoni Can’t Stop Lampshading Ahsoka’s Death, Even After Confirming She’s Alive

Whether or not Ahsoka survived her fateful encounter with her former master at the end of Rebels season two is still on the minds of fans, even though executive director Dave Filoni has confirmed, obfuscated, and then confirmed her survival multiple times now. But that’s not stopped him from offering a few more cryptic hints about her fate.

Star Wars Rebels has dived into the mythology of the Force quite a bit, not only through re-introducing Ahsoka as a character who’s path has well and truly moved on from the Jedi she used to be, but with characters like the mysterious Bendu, the Force-agnostic giant goat-rock thing that taught Kanan about a world of Force use beyond light and dark. Fans always wondered what would happen if Bendu and Ahsoka ever actually met, but it never came to be — it was meant to though.

Filoni took to Twitter recently to tease what would have a brief meeting between the two figures just before the events of the season two finale that saw Ahsoka seemingly get trapped inside a Sith temple on Malachor after her fight with Darth Vader — and the dialogue is likely to set fan’s heads spinning all over again.

That’s a pretty big lampshade to Ahsoka not leaving Malachor alive, but it’s also interesting to note that the Bendu is a bit cryptic about the nature of “death” in his ominous warning to the young Togruta — it could be taken as something more metaphysical, a change and rebirth, into something different, rather than an actual death. Considering we’re expected to see Ahsoka for the first time since that fateful duel in the final season of Rebels, just exactly what the Bendu meant could become clear there.

At least we know it’s not going to be reincarnation into a wolf.