We Talk To Edgar Wright About 'Baby Driver'

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Baby Driver is out in cinemas right now, so we sat down with our favourite Edgar Wright while he was in Sydney to talk about the music-fueled car chase spectacular heist film that was ten years in the making.

Is Baby dressed as Han Solo? We asked him that, too.

If you like movies, you should go see this one.

Here's How The R-Rated Baby Driver Was Allowed To Use G-Rated Disney Footage

Edgar Wright's Baby Driver is in theatres July 13, and hopefully you are planning to see it. We recommend that. And afterwards, maybe you'll be curious to know the real story behind arguably the film's biggest laugh. We have you covered.

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Baby Driver's Soundtrack Is Goddamn ? L I T ?

Baby Driver is a movie that exists because of music. And now we know exactly what music its soundtrack will have — and it's songs from multiple decades and genres. But they're all absolute bangers.

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