Cards Against Humanity ‘For Her’: It’s Pink, And Costs $5 More

Cards Against Humanity ‘For Her’: It’s Pink, And Costs $5 More

The card game you never want to play with your parents, Cards Against Humanity, has a new deck out that answers the age-old question on every woman’s lips – when the men retire to the parlor to discuss the economy and the various issues of today, what are us ladies supposed to do?

Now there’s an answer. Cards Against Humanity for Her. It’s exactly the same as the original Cards Against Humanity game, but the box is pink and it costs $5 more.

Tongue firmly in cheek of course – this is the team that paid big bucks for this to run during the Superbowl, after all:

The “stylish” version of the game “created just for her” is described as “trendy, quirky, and only takes minutes for us ladies to understand”.

“Is this product really necessary?” Cards Against Humanity asks itself.

“It’s adorable. It’s cute. Self-care. Take time for yourself. Chia bowl. Perfect on your coffee table or bookshelf. Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Brunch. Cheat day. Nasty women. Yaaaaaaaas queen! Good vibes only. Activated charcoal. Gender Reveal Party. Avocado face peels. You’re such a Miranda. Paleo.”

You really need to look at the whole website. It’s ridiculous.

So what’s really going on here? It’s for charity, of course. Proceeds are going to Emily’s List, which campaigns for pro-choice women in US elections.