Ask Google Home If Drop Bears Are Real

Ask Google Home If Drop Bears Are Real

Google Home is out in Australia today, and it’s properly ocker. You can ask it what kookaburras sound like, you can ask it how to spell Goondiwindi.

There’s only one obvious muck-up in this list, though. Unless Google Home says “you bloody idiot, they’re not shrimp, they’re prawns”, we’ll be filing an official complaint.

Here’s a few examples that Google sent across to us to demonstrate its new smart home speaker‘s localised abilities:

Your Google Home is true blue. It has an Aussie accent, so you can speak to it like a mate (and abbreviate words like ‘brekkie’ and ‘servo’). We’ve also hidden a few Aussie treats for you to discover along the way.

Just say “Ok, Google” or “Hey, Google,” followed by these queries:

  • Look what I made you!
  • What are your favourite things?
  • What are your favourite surf spots?
  • How do I spell Goondiwindi?
  • Is the Pavlova Aussie or Kiwi?
  • What do Kookaburras sound like?
  • Let’s throw a shrimp on the barbie!
  • Surf’s up!
  • Are drop bears real?
  • Are we going to Bonnie Doon?

We reckon we can top these, though. Come up with something better? Let us know in the comments below. Here are the collective suggestions of the Gizmodo office to be added into Google Home’s vocab library — get onto it, Google:

  • Does the nearest Bunnings have sausage sandwiches?
  • What time does the servo close?
  • Which Aussie cricketer has the most test runs?
  • Is Woolies open?
  • Can you name the last five prime ministers?
  • Where’s the closest Maccas?
  • Where’s the nearest pub?