Agents Of SHIELD’s Ghost Rider Gets The Figure He Deserves, And More Of The Coolest Toys We’ve Seen This Week

Agents Of SHIELD’s Ghost Rider Gets The Figure He Deserves, And More Of The Coolest Toys We’ve Seen This Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, our regular round up of the coolest toys we’ve seen all week. Although shiny San Diego Comic-Con exclusives might have already taken up most of this week’s toy news, there’s still a few more ways the world of action figures can drain your wallet.

The Most Amazing (and Hard To Get) Toys And Collectibles At San Diego Comic-Con 2017

There's just one week left till San Diego Comic-Con returns to blast us in the face with awesome pop culture spectacle, cosplay, and fantastic, expensive goodies. Here's the very best toys and collectibles at this year's show that we can't wait to line up forever for (or, more likely, pay even more for on eBay afterwards).

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NECA Endocop Robocop and Terminator Dog

What would happen if two of film’s greatest automatons squared off? That’s what Dark Horse Comics’ Robocop vs Terminator series aims to explore. Accompanying the series will be a new line of toys from NECA premiering next week at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con, including this two-pack the toymaker teased on Twitter that features a RoboCop + Terminator hybrid and a full-on Terminator dog, which seems like the perfect pet. [Twitter – NECA via Toyark]

Hot Toys Agents of SHIELD Ghost Rider

Fans of Marvel Comics’ Ghost Rider who were disappointed by Nicolas Cage’s take on the character have a little more to like with Gabriel Luna‘s portrayal on ABC America’s Agents of SHIELD. In fact, you know someone’s done a good job with a character when Hot Toys immortalises their portrayal with a 30cm, highly-detailed action figure. It won’t be available until later in the year, and will cost you at least a couple of hundred dollars, but this 1/12th-scale Ghost Rider includes a flaming skill with glowing red LED eyes, 30 points of articulation, and three different fire effect accessories. The only thing missing is an inflamed 1969 Dodge Charger. [Hot Toys via Toy People]

Beast Kingdom Rocket Raccoon and Groot

Just when you thought you were free of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 merchandise mania, along come two adorable little recreations of Rocket and Baby Groot to tempt you again. Done in the style of Beast Kingdom’s chibi-fied “Egg Attack” figures, the fully articulated duo includes multiple weapons for Rocket to shoot, while Baby Groot sits there celebrating the destruction wrought before him. Cute! The pair will set you back a lofty $US80 ($102) when they release this November. [Toyark]

S.T. Dupont $164,000 Star Wars Chess Set

Either marketing the Star Wars brand has gotten incredibly expensive, forcing collectables makers to pass the costs onto fans, or this swanky-looking chess set from S.T. Dupont is made from black obsidian, British Columbian nephrite jade, rock crystal quartz and gold. It turns out it’s the latter, as Paris’ S.T. Dupont has a long history of making opulent Star Wars collectables that few fans can actually afford. [S.T. Dupont via Luxury Launches]

Molecube Puzzle

Mash up the popular Rubik’s Cube with those molecular-building sets you used in high school chemistry class and you’ll end up with this unique $US20 ($26) puzzle toy. The goal is to get nine different colours represented on every face by rotating all six sides, so solving it is like figuring out a three-dimensional Sudoku puzzle. Just be forewarned that there are no stickers here to peel and re-stick, so cheating isn’t an option. [ThinkGeek]

Hot Toys Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker

Hot Toys’ relentless march through the Star Wars movies continues with a bumper Luke Skywalker, based on his snazzy Jedi Knight threads from Return of the Jedi. Luke comes with a handful of variants to recreate his appearances throughout the movie, from his hooded entrance in Jabba’s palace, to the robes he wears fighting to free Leia and Han at the Sarlacc pit (he even has a damaged cyborg hand to recreate the moment it’s shot, and gloved hands to conceal the wound), and eventually to the plain tunic he wears to finally confront his dad aboard the Death Star II. And that’s before you even get into all the little accessories and bonus hands he comes with in the first place! [Hot Toys]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Moulded Shell Backpack

Functional cosplay that gives you a good excuse to wear it every single day is easily the best type of cosplay. Once the conventions and Halloween parties are over, this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles half-shell backpack can still protect your expensive gear such as tablets and laptops with its plastic moulded shell. It’s also packed full of pockets to keep your shuriken and nunchaku organised. It’s available next month for $US50 ($64), and features non-descript colours so you don’t have to choose your favourite turtle. [Entertainment Earth via GeekAlerts]