iOS 11's Portrait Mode Is Much Improved

As of a few days ago, Apple's iOS 11 beta is in the hands of any member of the public that wants to give it a whirl. If you're a budding iPhone photographer, you might be interested to know that the iPhone 7 Plus' Portrait mode has been supercharged with two very useful things: HDR multi-image capture, and optical image stabilisation.

MacRumors has an excellent roundup of the goodies available in iOS 11's current beta, but there's one feature that stands out to me: the ability to shoot Portrait Mode snaps both with high dynamic range (HDR) and with optical image stabilisation, the combination of which should massively improve the quality of images in low light.

Portrait Mode photos are pretty great. If you don't use Portrait mode, you should. Here's some reasons why.

These Beautiful Melbourne Cup Candid Portraits Were Shot On iPhone

The Melbourne Cup yesterday was a bit of a depraved mess — if you were out in the paddock, at least. Inside the Myer Marquee, things were a little more dignified. Sydney street photographer Giuseppe Santamaria travelled down to yesterday's Melbourne Cup to snap some photos using Portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus, and they're pretty special.

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Sydney Mardi Gras, As Shot On An iPhone 7 Plus

Image Cache. Photographer Annette Widitz has received eight honourable mentions in the Mobile Photography Awards over the past two years, and was a finalist in the 2016 Head On Photo Festival's Mobile Prize.Here's some of her images from this weekend's Mardi Gras.

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