What: In Eight Weeks Y'all Sent Over 2 Billion 'Reactions' Over Messenger

Image: iStock

Infographic: "Reactions" launched for Facebook's messenger service a couple of months ago. In that time over two billion "love" and "yes" and "sad" and "angry" reactions were sent instead of, you know, using your words like an adult.

(No judgement, I'm one of you).

Of course, with two billion reactions there's a lot of data Facebook now has on who does what and when.

People are more likely to send positive reactions like "love" and "smile" compared to reactions like "sad" or "angry". 18-24 year olds send reactions twice as much as older age groups, and they are more likely to send a wide range of reactions compared to older age groups. And in Australia, the most popular reaction is "yes", followed by "smile" and then "love".

Image: iStock

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