Visualise The World By Imagining It With A Population Of 100 People

Video: Just take a step back and take a look at how big, small, unequal, inexplicable and surprising the world is, explained in numerical terms that you can wrap your head around.

GIF Source: RealLifeLore

RealLifeLore is one of the most dependable YouTube channels around. If you just want to a big ol’ data dump accompanied by infographics, it has few rivals. The channel’s latest dive into the numbers that define our planet gives us a look at how the world’s population is divided up on numerous topics.

Under the hypothetical scenario of the world’s population being just 100 people, 14 would understand Mandarin and only 13 would understand English. A whopping 40 people don’t have access to a toilet. And one person is starving. When it’s put that way, it doesn’t sound too unreasonable. Then you realise that means 70 million people are starving. That’s shameful.

Technology statistics are wild. Eighty people have a mobile phone. Forty two people have access to the internet. Of those 42 citizens of Earth, 26 have a Facebook profile, 17 have a YouTube account, and four are tweeting at least once per month.

I could keep rattling these things off but if I have to type out the stats for wealth inequality I’ll have a nervous breakdown.