This Chess Trailer Is Ludicrous

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How do you sell a chess game in 2017? Answer: Be epic as hell.

Chess Ultra is a new game due out this week for PC and VR, and the basic idea: Make chess as goddamn epic as humanly possible. We're talking chess in the most Old Man, Whiskey Drinking room you can think of. Chess with pieces whose eyeballs are on FIRE. Chess by the sea. Pieces getting smashed in slow motion.

This is some epic stuff, people.

The slow-motion gets me every time. Besides the tutorials, AI and 4K support, Chess Ultra also lets you play chess against the Grim Reaper. Where you can see your soul ripped out of you in VR if you lose. And if you start beating the reaper, lava starts flowing and bubbling in the background.

Chess Ultra is out on Wednesday. No word on whether you can watch the World Chess Championships by the Reaper's side, though.

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    What, no dice?
    Queen attacks Pawn, both roll dice. Depending on the roll:
    Queen takes Pawn, Queen is Rebuffed, Pawn takes Queen.

    Nothing like losing a Queen in an attack to put a new spin on an old game.

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