Seattle Offers $112,500 For Artist To Make Graphic Novel About A Power Plant

Comic book creators who like the rain and steampunk might have just found their dream job. The city of Seattle is holding a contest for an artist (or team of artists) to make a graphic novel about a historic steam plant. Cha-ching!

Georgetown Power Plant back in 1909. All images: City of Seattle

The city wants an artist to create a 200-page fictionalised graphic novel centred around the Georgetown Steam Plant, a century old power plant that represents the pinnacle of steam-powered engineering. It was primarily used to power the city’s electric trolley car system, and after changing hands multiple times over the decades, is now a national historic landmark. In short, it’s basically a steampunk lover’s dream.

Seattle’s government has proposed an $US85,000 ($112,576) budget for the graphic novel project, allocating $US50,000 ($66,221) of that as payment to the artist or artists (the rest is for printing costs and project management fees). Sadly, you have to live in Washington, Oregon, Idaho or British Columbia to qualify — or, at the very least, have at least one member of your team who’s a resident.

The city’s government plans to use the graphic novel to better educate residents about the steam plant, which is in the midst of restoration. They plan to distribute the graphic novel for free to local schools, libraries, museums, non-profits and other organisations.

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