Saga’s Lying Cat Finally Gets An Action Figure, And More Of The Best Toys Of Last Week

Saga’s Lying Cat Finally Gets An Action Figure, And More Of The Best Toys Of Last Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, our (slightly late) weekly round up of all things merchandise. This week we’ve got even more San Diego Comic-Con exclusives to drool over, some new LEGO from the upcoming Ninjago movie, and the best plastic recreation of Bruce Campbell’s face the world has ever seen. Really!

Saga Lying Cat and the Will Twin Pack

Saga action figures are returning to SDCC this year, and yes, that means it’s time to agonisingly wail at just how hard it is going to be to get them at the con, let alone getting them on the aftermarket if you’re not going. Last year’s Alana and Marko set will now be joined by a pack featuring the enigmatic bounty hunting freelancer the Will, and his companion/cultural icon of 2017, Lying Cat. Thirteen centimetres scaled, Lying Cat might not be the most articulated action figure around, but brilliantly, the set comes with a “Lying” speech bubble for you to pose it with, and accuse all your other action figures of being deceitful. Amazing. [Toyark]

NECA’s Ash vs Evil Dead Ultimate Hero Ash Figure

Calling NECA’s new Ultimate Ash. In addition to a chainsaw, mechanical hand, wooden hand and stump, the figure also comes with four swappable heads, each with a very unique Bruce Campbell-esque expression, as well as a shotgun which fans of the character will better know as his boom stick. [NECA via Toyark]

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Shield Backpack

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Link carries everything from a full armoury of weapons, to a impressive wardrobe of outfits and armour, to more food than you’d find in a grocery store. You don’t need to be quite as prepared when you head out for work every day, which is why ThinkGeek’s $US60 ($79) backpack version of Link’s Traveller’s Shield is mostly designed to safely carry your laptop and a few other smaller gadgets, without the risk of it ever shattering when someone bumps into you on the train. [ThinkGeek]

The LEGO Ninjago Movie Sets

The LEGO Batman Movie wasn’t quite as perfect as the original The LEGO Movie was, but the trailer for the upcoming The LEGO Ninjago Movie was surprisingly entertaining, and LEGO’s next animated feature is yielding some fantastic-looking sets. Available on August 1 in the US, you’ll be able to grab the self-explanatory Green Ninja Mech Dragon (544-pieces/$US50 [$66]), the Destiny’s Bounty training ship (2295-pieces/$US160 [$211]), the Flying Jelly Sub (341-pieces/$US30 [$40]), the Garma Mecha Man giant robot (747-pieces/$US60 [$79]), and the treaded Ice Tank (914-pieces, $US80 [$105]), which all include more ninja minifigures than anyone could ever need. Australian pricing and availability has not yet been confirmed. [LEGO]

Hasbro San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Exclusive Transformers Primitive Optimus Prime

Our interest in skateboarding started and stopped with the original Tony Hawk Pro Skater video game, but all it takes is an amazing black and gold version of Optimus Prime, co-designed by Paul Rodriguez’s Primitive brand, to get us interested in gleaming the cube again. Available at Hasbro’s San Diego Comic-Con booth for $US50 ($66) (and afterwards at Optimus comes in a skate shoe-inspired box, and includes a smaller Titan Master figures called Shreddicus Maximus who rides a hoverboard on rail and ramp accessories.

Rick and Morty: Back in Blackout Clue Board Game

Presumably feeling inferior to Monopoly and the near infinite different versions of that iconic board game, Clue is finally starting to play catch up with Star Wars, Game of Thrones, The Legend of Zelda and now a Rick and Morty-themed version. Once again the classic “whodunnit” gameplay is being swapped out for a thematic mystery; in this case, players are trying to figure out who stole the plans to Rick’s portal gun, where they have been hidden, and what item facilitated the theft. The game also includes six wonderfully sculpted characters to play with, including Mr Poopybutthole. [Merchoid]

Hasbro Gaming Crate Board Game Subscription Service

The recent surge in popularity of board games has led to hundreds of new titles becoming available — which can be overwhelming when you’re trying to decide which one you and your friends might enjoy. To make it easier to venture outside your Monopoly and Scrabble comfort zone, Hasbro is now bundling three board games into a new subscription service called the Gaming Crate. Every three months a new box of games arrives for $US50 ($66), either the Party Crate, which caters to adults, or the Family Crate, which includes kid-friendly games. If your city doesn’t already have 100 board game cafes, this will certainly fill that void.
The service is currently only available in the US, but it’s a great idea — one that will hopefully make its way to Australia. [Hasbro Gaming Crate]

Figuarts Justice League Batman

Bandai’s desire to turn everything into a line of expensive Figuarts figures continues with the arrival of Justice League on the big screen later this year. The Japanese company is kicking things off with Batman, because duh. Full details have yet to be released, but he’ll come with the usual interchangeable hands, a few batarangs and, wonderfully, a wired cape, so you can pose it in various dynamic positions rather than just having it draped over Bruce’s shoulders all the time. [Tamashii Nations]

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite: Iron Man vs. Mega Man X

With E3 2017 underway earlier this month, Hasbro revealed it’s planning to get in on the upcoming Marvel fighting game with a special set of toys featuring characters from both the comics and Capcom sides of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite‘s roster, just like the original game all those years ago. There’s no word if there’s more on the way, but for now, this two pack of Iron Man and Mega Man, based on their appearances in the upcoming game, will be available in Targets across the US for $US20 ($26) this spring. Australian pricing and availability has not yet been announced. [Toyark]