NASA Astronaut Explains How To Drink Space Coffee: 'Suck The Balls'

Video: In space, it is crucial for even the most basic of human tasks to be carried out with a high degree of skill and for astronauts to remain alert. That is why Air Force Colonel and ISS crewmember Jack Fischer sucks the balls.

GIF: Twitter/NASA

"I love coffee on Earth, it's pretty much my favourite thing," explained Fischer in a video NASA shared on social media this morning. "But in space, I get to make balls out of it -- so check this out -- and then suck the balls."

Aspiring NASA astronauts have about a 0.6 per cent chance of becoming candidates, and being considered usually requires an advanced degree in maths, science or engineering. But even among his select 14-person astronaut class, Colonel Fischer, who holds a Masters in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT, is the only one we can currently confirm sucks the balls.

We thank him for his dedication to humanity's scientific endeavours.