In The First Seven Sisters Trailer, Monday Goes Missing

Video: We are living in a golden age of Very Good Actors™ playing opposite themselves as identical siblings or clones of themselves. In the first trailer for Seven Sisters, Noomi Rapace throws her hat into the ring by playing all of the film's titular septuplets, who are fighting for their lives in a dystopian future where families are only supposed to have one child.

In a world where the earth's population swells by a million people every four days, it makes sense that governments would attempt to curtail the crisis by limiting the number of children people can have. When Terrence Settman (Willem Dafoe) discovers that he's to be the grandfather of seven infant girls, though, he concocts a plan to ensure their survival. The girls, named after the days of the week, all live in hiding together, but each is allowed to leave the house once a week under a shared identity that they all maintain as a singular person.

When Monday goes missing, her six sisters and grandfather realise that they have to track her down before the authorities do, lest their secret is found out and they're forced to deal with the consequences.

Seven Sisters opens in French theatres this August and will be streaming to Netflix later on this year.

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