Here’s What A 227kg Knife Does To A Used Toyota

Here’s What A 227kg Knife Does To A Used Toyota

Video: What’s a team of giant robot designers supposed to do between Maker Faires and mecha battles? Build giant knives and smash crap with them, of course.

GIF Sources: MegaBots Inc

The people behind Megabots have been leading the drive to make giant fighting robots a thing for a while now, with the big USA vs. Japan battle finally going down in August. In the meantime, the group is most likely running their robots through a Rocky-style training montage while killing time around the workshop. With an old car sitting around waiting to go to the junkyard, they decided to pull out a 227kg knife they custom built a while back. You can see one of their robotic creations break things with the giant knife here, but this is the money shot (in time-saving GIF format):

But as sweet as that shot is, it’s not why we’re here. We’re here to see a crane and gravity work together to stab the life out of a first generation Toyota Prius. That’s exactly what you’ll get in the video below. It’s satisfying, but not oddly satisfying. Just satisfying.

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