Flat Earth Art Is Wrong, But It’s Beautiful

Flat Earth Art Is Wrong, But It’s Beautiful

The theory of a flat earth is wrong. To the point where even typing the words ‘the theory of a flat earth is wrong’ is giving the ‘theory’ too much credit.

But a confession: I find flat earth theory and the people who believe in it fascinating. I don’t mean to patronise. It’s just really interesting.

I also really, really love the drawings. The depictions of what a flat earth might look like from space.

I’m not sure why. I think it’s a combination of things.

Firstly the mental gymnastics required to reconcile what we know is absolute fact about the universe with the idea of a flat earth — it results in some truly surreal shit. In some cases it’s actually a little bit beautiful.

But there’s also something alluring about a flat earth. It’s more intricate, less commanded by chaos. It’s more connected to our aesthetics as human beings, it’s allowed to be as we want things to be — because it’s an invention. A human invention.

Thirdly — and I’ve always thought this — there’s something alluring about being place smack back in the centre of our own universes. That can be a little comforting. Even if it’s so, so wrong.

Here are some of my favourite ‘Flat Earths’…

Orlando Ferguson’s depiction of a “square and stationary” earth is probably the most famous. Complete with surrounding ice walls and strange curvatures.

But I also love this: the Flammorian Engraving. I love the way the human’s head just pokes out from the atmosphere, beyond the stars, into the void. It’s an incredible thought.

This was drawn by Funn Magnusson in 1825. Again, the ice wall, but the earth is perched on a tree. Awesome. I love trees.

This is a more modern representation of a flat earth. This is the world as many people still see it. People living today think this reality is possible. Amazing.

Here it is as an actual globe.

I mean damn… look at this. It’s wrong. But it’s so beautifully wrong.

There is a part of me that wants to live in this universe.

I find this one the creepiest. Partly because it’s possible to fall off, into the void. The water just streams off the edge. It’s hopeless, terrifying.

I’m also a fan of biblical representations, like this.

This is just bizarre. I love the idea of there being an underworld. Honestly.

I love them all.