Beautiful Photo Captures Impossible Shot Of The Opera House And Milky Way Together

Even with all the advances in digital photography, Photoshop is just as important a tool as it every was. If you can snap a great image that needs minimal editing, awesome, but if you want to give yourself as many options as possible, you're going to want keep a foot in the world of electronic paintbrushes.

Take Josselin Cornou's effort here that combines the Opera House during this year's Vivid Sydney and the Milky Way galaxy — a shot that would be impossible to capture normally.

Yes, there's some editing involved to create the composition, as light pollution would ruin a raw attempt, but it goes to show the power of taking multiple images with different settings so you can craft something more artistic (and give you options) later on.

Image: Josselin Cornou

Cornou writes about his techniques and gear — primarily Fujifilm's ISO-busting GFX 50S — over at PetaPixel, however, the video above provides a Photoshop tutorial if you're interested in how to do it yourself.

If you'd like to see more of Cornou's work, be sure to check out his Instagram, which includes another Vivid-equipped image of the Opera House.

[YouTube, via PetaPixel]

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