An Imaginative Aerospace Engineer Turned This Classic LEGO Space Shuttle Into A Flying Toy

Video: As a follow-up to turning the classic LEGO Solo Trainer set into a fully-functional RC plane, aerospace engineer Adam Woodworth is back with an even more impressive build: He somehow made this tiny 27-year-old LEGO Space Shuttle actually fly.

Many of us probably remember set #1682, Space Shuttle Launch, released way back in 1990. After all, it carried so many of our LEGO minifigures into imaginary orbit.

I love it when a plan comes together #lego #spaceshuttle #vintage #rc #drone #maker #diy #aviation #modelaviation

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Adam rebuilds the entire set from scratch, but alas — he leaves out the details where he somehow managed to make the shuttle itself fly. Looking at his Instagram account, however, reveals that he built a duplicate of the shuttle light enough to take off with just three tiny propellers on the underside.

According to Adam, the Shuttle's frame is made from one-millimetre foam and weighs somewhere around 2.5g. All of the tiny LEGO studs on top were made by using a hole punch and then gluing each one in place.


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