What Villain Is In The Evil Space Manger From The Supergirl Finale?

What Villain Is In The Evil Space Manger From The Supergirl Finale?

Yesterday’s Supergirl finale was excellent in so many ways, giving us big moment after big moment, badarse Supergirl fight after badarse Supergirl fight, and a whole host of teases for potential threats coming in the next season. We loved just about all of it, but nothing more than the mysterious final epic worldkiller that is headed to Earth to doom any chance Kara has at happiness. I have a theory as to who that is.

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It was an extremely epic episode of Supergirl. We officially settled the Supergirl vs. Superman debate with the Girl of Steel cold-cocking her cousin into sweet oblivion (when he was at full power, Superman hastens to add). Then we settled the Melissa Benoist vs. Teri Hatcher debate by introducing a third challenger, a Luthor-made MacGuffin, after Lena Luthor repurposed her brother’s old Kryptonian killer to craft a Daxamite demiser, which Supergirl was forced to activate when Rhea refused to surrender after her defeat.

EPIC. (Image: Screenshot)

EPIC. (Image: Screenshot)

Between the big brawls, Miss Martian returned, Winn was adorably in love with Superman, Cat dropped some always-needed wisdom, and much of the problems of the last season seemed to resolve themselves. By the end of the episode Kara was once again the focus of a show she’d become a supporting character in. Now she’s an unsure hero, more alone than she’s ever been. More importantly, the biggest problem of the season, Mon-El, was banished from Earth and sucked into a portal, presumably to the 31st century.

It was all very, very good, and if you’ve been wanting a big, goofy science fiction superhero show full of aliens, then Supergirl delivered in more ways than one can dream. This is ’90s genre TV in all the best ways.

But let’s be real. You clicked on the headline above because you want to know if Doomsday, Superman’s most physically impressive villain, is headed to Supergirl next season.

Their last fight, in The Death of Superman did not go well. (Image: DC Comics)

Their last fight in The Death of Superman did not go well. (Image: DC Comics)

His coming was hinted in the final moments of the episode, when we flashed back to Krypton’s last day and saw a third ship sailing away from the planet. Only it was an evil ship. There were red lights everywhere, the people putting the swaddled babe in the ship were wearing black cloaks, and the ship had to go through a portal of fire before being launched into space. The only thing missing to truly characterise this as a villain’s birth was Futurama‘s Robot Devil playing a fiddle in the corner.

Doomsday, whose origin is usually Krypton, is certainly a potential occupant of the third ship. In canon comics, he was an unadulterated Kryptonian monster who was eventually captured, bound, and cast into space, where he lay in respite until waking up on Earth, devastating the Justice League, and beating Superman to death on the steps of the Daily Planet.

That doesn’t quite fit with the baby we see in the interstellar murder manger, but Doomsday’s Smallville origin certainly does. In that iteration, Zod and Faora genetically engineered Doomsday from Kryptonian DNA and sent him to Earth. Then he Dr-Jekyll-and-Mr-Hyded around a lot until the season eight finale when he was killed in the absolute worst finale of a superhero show ever. So this is possible baby identity number one.

Supergirl and Lar-On throwing down in Supergirl Rebirth #1. (Image: DC Comics)

Supergirl and Lar-On throwing down in Supergirl Rebirth #1. (Image: DC Comics)

Baby identity number two is Lar-On. He’s a tragic Kryptonian werewolf who frequently gets put into hypersleep in Superman properties because people who write Superman apparently hate fun. The primary indicator of the child being Lar-On is the show’s refusal to reveal the baby’s visage. Showing a little werewolf baby would be a dead giveaway.

The secondary indicator is that the baby’s launch site appears to be located in the same compound that Kara and Kal-El depart Krypton from. That is, presumably, Zor-El’s science research facility. In the current comics canon, Lar-On was experimented on by Kara’s scientist father, Zor-El. The third indicator is my desire to see an angsty Kryptonian werewolf on a CW show.

But let’s be real, Supergirl is not likely to borrow from Superman’s toybox for the major villain of season three. Instead the show will probably explore Supergirl‘s much smaller gallery of villains. And in that tiny group, one character stands out as a likely suspect: Reign.

Sharkface Reign is ready to murder everything in Supergirl #5. (Image: DC Comics)

Sharkface Reign is ready to murder everything in Supergirl #5. (Image: DC Comics)

Reign is a character created for DC’s New 52 reboot of Supergirl. She shows up in issue five, nearly killing Kara just after she wakes up from stasis, realises her world is gone, her family is dead, and that her little cousin is a full-grown man (it is a very bad week for Kara). Reign is one of five “Worldkillers” capable of… er, destroying worlds. We meet three others in the Supergirl book when they team up with Reign to take out Kara, and the fifth is strongly hinted to be Doomsday.

The teaser at the end of the show’s finale is loaded with hints that Kara’s season three nemesis will be one of these genetically engineered aliens gifted with the tools to annihilate whole planets. First, the cloaked figures anoint the evil baby with blood, which, honestly, any of us would do if we’d genetically engineered a worldkiller to destroy a planet we’d never been to. Second, as with the Lar-On theory, the baby seems to be launched from the same giant compound that Kara and Kal-El are located. (For whatever it’s worth, in the New 52 canon Kara’s father is pretty good at genetic engineering and actually tweaks Kara’s DNA so she’s more powerful than her cousin Kal-El.)

But the big nod to the baby’s identity is what the creepy cloaked figures say before shooting it into space towards Earth: “It will grow strong on Earth, and then it will reign.”

So yeah, while it might be Reign’s fellow worldkiller Doomsday coming to National City, or the Kryptonian werewolf, it is more likely the shark-looking alien woman herself. And after the way the finale turned this season around, I have full faith her arrival will be entertaining.

Assorted Musings:

  • Cat Grant knows Kara is Supergirl and it is the best thing in the world.
  • James was in all of one scene this week. Here’s hoping he has a bigger role to play next season, though if Cat has anything to say about it, he will not be donning his Darth Vader costume to fight bad guys with his lifesaver.
  • Lillian Luthor is not in gaol. No, no one knows why.
  • The show continues to sow seeds of Lena’s dislike for Supergirl. This week she’s annoyed Supergirl knew Kara was dating a Daxamite and presumably did not tell Kara.
  • Alex is the most extra lesbian on TV this year. Her sister tells her to never let Maggie go, so Alex abruptly proposes to Maggie. Between Maggie’s “the U-Haul thing is a BAD TROPE” smile and the lack of a yes we can expect that relationship to be on the rocks come season three.
  • Winn is in love with Superman.
  • Superman is in love with Lois Lane.
  • Cat Grant is in love with Clark Kent’s butt.
  • While some of the big punching scenes felt repetitive, I can’t care because we got a super-speed flying punch fight between Supergirl and Superman and Supergirl won. SO GOOD.
  • Also Supergirl owes her cousin a new robot.