Uber Really, Really Doesn't Want The Public To See Its Court Battle With Google

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After being denied arbitration to keep its court case from the public eye, Uber is appealing a judge's decision in another attempt to keep its major court battle over self-driving technology with Google's Waymo out of the headlines as much as possible.

The court case involves Google's Waymo accusing Uber of using proprietary information retrieved by former Google engineer Anthony Levandowski. Levandowski left Google, started an automous truck company, and then was bought by Uber, and Waymo claims the truck company was just a sham for Uber to steal its tech.

The key reason for the judge denying the initial arbitration request from Uber was Levandowski pleading his fifth amendment right, citing the need for a public case to properly navigate the obstruction of his plea. A preliminary injunction to hinder Uber's self-driving technology development during the case has been imposed, but it's unclear to what extent.

Uber's appeal to mitigate headlines is just the latest development in what has so far been an absolutely horrible year. Who knows if it even stands a chance of getting arbitration at this point. Who knows if it even stands a chance.



    If the governments put as much time, money, marketing and effort into public transport as they do with new tollways we wouldn't need autonomous automobiles (or companies like Waymo or Uber).

      Only problem is that most car drivers would rather drive than take public transport. They could make the best public transport system in the world but I would still drive. I'm all for above ground tunnels/tubes for bicycle riders so wind, rain and stop lights don't affect them. I'd even start riding (electric bike, I'm lazy) if they made those. I say spend less on public transport and more on making roads better and seperate trucks, cars and bikes from each other.

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        Couldn't agree more. We are in a culture where driving or personal transportation equals freedom. People don't want to be restricted even though for most it wouldn't make any difference.
        We need to invest more in small efficient personal transport methods rather than bulk haul.

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