Try Melbourne’s New Delicacy: Deep-Fried Tequila

Try Melbourne’s New Delicacy: Deep-Fried Tequila

I know they say you can deep fry anything, but it’s not an expression I took literally. Then I find out you can deep fry booze and well, there’s little room for milder interpretations. Collingwood’s Bendigo Hotel appears willing to stick all sorts of spirits into the deep fryer, with its latest concoction involving tequila.

Cooked up by The Glory Hole, the hotel’s own kitchen, these deep fried tequila bites look… interesting?

I don’t know if appetising is the right word. It looks like some sort of sweet or dessert, but given its tequila, I’m going to guess that white coating is salt (and lots of it). Of course, you get a lime to go with it.

It’s perfect fodder for a Lifehacker Taste Test, but good luck convincing me to have a bite. If you’d like to try them yourself, the Bendigo Hotel can be found at 125 Johnston St in Collingwood.

Do let us know how you go.

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