This Is A Bathroom On An Airplane

This Is A Bathroom On An Airplane
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Photo: Boeing

Let’s have a bit of fun and compare my bathroom to the one on a Boeing Business Jet, which the company has been showing off at the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition, or EBACE, in Geneva to make us all feel bad about ourselves.

In an effort to give into Boeing’s clear attempt to make me feel like a good-for-nothing “poor,” I just compared my own bathroom (which is built in the proper habitat for bathrooms — on land) to Boeing’s water closet in the sky.

As you can see, the Boeing bathroom — which is just a temporary restroom for occasional bowel movements during business travel — has a nice wide sink counter probably made of elephants’ tusks, tons of shelving and closets probably made out of the middle class’s hopes and dreams, a big wide mirror probably made of diamond, and a fantastic faucet that pours out tears from suckers known as taxpayers.

Plus, unless Boeing found a shrunken bar of soap and a bunch of smurf-sized bottles of shampoo, that bathroom looks enormous. By contrast, my bathroom — which isn’t temporary, and in which I have no choice but to have the vast majority of my bowel movements — is so small, the only way I could get the whole thing in the frame was to take this photo through the doorway. Look at this pathetic thing:

And what you see through the doorway is pretty much all there is. There’s a sink, a toilet and a shower, all far too close in proximity to one another. That means when I sit down to engage in human weight savings, my feet are right up against the sink, and when I get out of the shower, I’ve got to somehow squeeze between the sink and the sliding pane of glass — a move that has sent me on my arse a number of times.

That’s not even mentioning the disaster that lies behind those no-longer-transparent sliding glass panes — it’s bad. I should probably clean it. Plus, just look at the “tiles.” My walls are literally held up by screws:

So to Boeing, I say: I get it. Your little jet bathroom is better than mine (and frankly, my entire house) in every way, and I’m a worthless little poor.

The rest of the jet is pretty nice, too.