The HTC U11 Is Surprisingly Cheap In Australia

Image: HTC

The squeezable new HTC U11 is a legitimate competitor to Samsung, LG and Apple's latest handsets. And it's making itself even more appealing with an aggressively low price tag.

In Australia, the HTC U11's recommended retail price will be $999 — making it a full $200 cheaper than the equivalent Samsung Galaxy S8 or $270 cheaper than the equivalent iPhone 7 Plus.

HTC says it's "extraordinary value for a high end, high specification premium smartphone", and while I haven't actually tried one out in person yet, on paper I tend to agree — the U11 certainly looks good in pictures and on its spec sheet, and that (relatively) affordable price makes it even more enticing.

The HTC U11 Is A Phone That You Can Squeeze

HTC has a new top-of-the-line phone to compete with Samsung and Apple. And you don't just tap it — you squeeze it.

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