The First Reactions For Wonder Woman Are Spectacular

The release of Wonder Woman is just a few short weeks away and DC's latest film is currently screening for the media. Full reviews are still under embargo -- but tonight, Warner Bros. allowed non-spoiler reactions on social media, and they were almost overwhelmingly positive.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Image: Clay Enos/ TM & © DC Comics

Here are some reactions from people who've seen Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman.

Wow. That is awesome.

This has to be almost cathartic for fans, not just of DC, but comic book films in general. It feels like so much is riding on this movie. First, there were the negative reviews for the last few DC films. Those created massive tensions not just among the filmmakers but fans in general. Wonder Woman being a film that critics and fans can all champion will be a nice change of pace.

Plus, there's the even bigger fact this is the first solo female superhero film, something Hollywood has actively avoided for a long time. Positive reactions like this go a long way to making sure it won't be the last.

We'll have much more on Wonder Woman, including a full review, as we lead up to its release. But for now, just bask in the knowledge that you have a kick-arse movie coming on June 1.

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    Great news.....BUT......the best of the DCEU....the bar isn't set very high at the moment is it?

    Still won't be a better DC movie than TDK....but I am glad this is sound (and looking) great.

      I concur that "best of the DCEU" is a low bar to clear (right up there with "Best SW movie since 'Jedi') , but comparisons to Christopher Reeves' Superman is hopeful, at least.

      *goes back to playing with worry beads*

      Last edited 19/05/17 2:39 pm

        Definitely. It's particularly frustrating if you read comics from both DC and Marvel. There was a realisation even from the comic companies years ago that the DC heroes were *heroes* to the people in their "universe" while the Marvel heroes were often perceived as threats by the people (apart from the FF and Avengers). It's even mentioned outright in the DC-Marvel crossovers.

        Yet some clown in the DC movie production line didn't get that memo and tried to make every DC movie dark and grim like Frank Miller's take on Batman. Thank god we're finally going to get an uplifting Wonder Woman movie to dispel this concept. I just hope it smashes the box office to prove the point.

      Just wondering, do these reporters get invited to the next event if they say it was crap ?. I'm guessing no.

    You cherry picked the good reviews, how about cherry picking the bad reviews as well. Fair's fair.

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