The Disney Channel’s New Musical Is A Teen Romance That Happens To Include Zombies

The Disney Channel’s New Musical Is A Teen Romance That Happens To Include Zombies

Remember when zombies were scary? No? You’re not alone. Zombies have become so incredibly normal and mainstream that now they’re getting their own Disney Channel TV movie musical.

When you think “zombie,” you think this. Or at least you did. Image: AMC

It’s called Zombies — of course — and it’s a musical about a zombie town (whatever that is) integrating with a normal town, and the zombie quarterback falling in love with the regular cheerleader. Their forbidden love must then become a healing factor for the feuding towns. And yes, to reiterate, it’s a musical.

So that’s it. You thought zombies were normalised before with shows like The Walking Dead? Nope. That was just the start. Now zombies can be Disney tween stars. These Disney tween stars, in fact.

Image: D23

Image: D23

That’s Meg Donnelly who’ll play the cheerleader Addison, and Milo Manheim who is playing the zombie quarterback Zed.

So that’s what a Disney zombie looks like. But how “zombie” will they actually be? There can’t be any blood or murder, of course. But there can be fear of the other, and in that, you have a pretty straightforward metaphor to teach kids about racism or other social issues — which is where zombies came from in the first place, as a metaphor for America’s fear of the other.

Thankfully, Disney isn’t shying away from that. Adam Bonnett, the EVP of original programming for Disney Channel, said in a statement, “We are excited to deliver this inspirational story about tolerance, inclusion, individuality, and conviction — each relatable themes for our viewers.” So this zombie movie will have fear in it, but not the kind of zombie fear we’re used too.

No, these zombies will sing, dance, not-eat-brains, and play football. That’s going to be quite the adjustment.

Zombies will air on the Disney Channel in 2018 and we’ll have plenty more to say about it as we approach that. For more on who is starring and the creative team, visit the below link.

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