The BMW 740i Is The Classiest Doughnut Machine

An E38-generation BMW 740i may be a car you'd like to be chauffeured in, but this video shows that the big Bimmer can shred tires with the best of them.

GIF via zhmura TV

Clearly, the rear seats for fancy people are the wrong seats in these cars after all.

Here's a BMW 740i getting whipped around like a basic drift beater, complete with a dyno run that makes me wish background music wasn't a thing.

It will drift in a parking lot. It will drift around roundabouts. Of course it will drift in a parking garage. It will do marvellous doughnuts with a friend in a smaller BMW. It gets sideways regardless of whether it's dark or bright out. Give it some space, and it will spin its wheels with reckless abandon.

Next time you're looking to hoon something, why not destroy the tires on an E38?

[H/T JC!]

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