Overwatch Fans Want Blizzard To Turn Junkrat Into A Bunnings Employee

Overwatch Fans Want Blizzard To Turn Junkrat Into A Bunnings Employee
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Last week the Overwatch Anniversary Event kicked off, giving fans a slew of fresh skins to spend their hard earned coins on. Not every character was blessed with new threads though, including our very own Junkrat. But since when has that stopped fans?

True blue Aussie hero Eric Lam has taken matters into his own hands by starting a change.org petition, aimed at Blizzard VP Jeff Kapalan, for Junkrat to be bequeathed with a Bunnings Uniform skin, complete with a sausage snag launcher.

This may be the most Australian thing to have ever happened in games.

After quelling some of the international rumours surrounding alleged Australia past times, Lam goes on to eloquently describe what makes the Bunnings sausage sizzle important to us Aussies.

Who can argue with that?

Lam goes on to describe the particulars of his proposed Junkrat skin, including some of the bells and whistles.

At the time of writing the petition had been live for roughly 18 hours and had almost 600 signatures. I for one hope it hits it 1000 signature goal and gets the attention of Blizzard, even if it is just for laughs.

I do wonder though, will fans be divided when it comes to snag gun sauce choices? Tell us your choice below.

Update: As of this morning the petition is roughly 50 “siggies” away from hitting 1500. STREWTH!

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