Nothing Is More Romantic Than Snuggling On A Star Wars Dewback Sofa

Nothing Is More Romantic Than Snuggling On A Star Wars Dewback Sofa

Setting the mood for a night in usually involves dim lighting, soft music, and a comfy place for a couple to cosy up. Unless you and your loved one both happen to be Star Wars fans, in which case glowing lightsabers, John Williams’ Imperial March, and a loveseat shaped like a Dewback lizard are more aproppriate.

Han Solo frozen in carbonite desks, to a Sarlacc Pit coffee table. But the studio has recently spawned a new company called Regal Robot that’s dedicated to creating custom furniture, artwork, and decor, including some impressive Star Wars pieces.

The Dewback, a giant lizard native to Tatooine, was first seen in Star Wars: A New Hope as an animatronic puppet that was later replaced with a CG version in updated versions of the film. While this sofa looks very much alive thanks to thousands of hand-detailed scales, it will never move or disturb whoever’s sitting on it. It comes with faux fur blankets plus matching pillows and cushions, and a pair of cupholders to help you keep you hydrated under Tatooine’s pair of suns.

Think it looks like an expensive addition to your Star Wars collection? You’re absolutely right. This sofa will set you back $US10,000 ($13,389), plus an additional $US400 ($536) to $US1,200 ($1,607) in shipping costs since it doesn’t exactly pack flat like IKEA’s offerings. It also weighs 150kg, so it’s a good idea to decide exactly where you want it in your home, because once delivered, you’re not going to want to try to move it.

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