McLaren Still Has A Bunch Of Spare Parts For Your F1

McLaren Still Has A Bunch Of Spare Parts For Your F1

Part of the difficulty with owning an aged supercar is that it becomes increasingly difficult to find parts for it when something wears out or breaks. Which means that you won’t want to drive it because you’re afraid, which is a crime. Luckily, McLaren thought of this problem and has a solution for it.

Say you have a McLaren F1. It’s 25 years old and a suspension arm needs replacing. McLaren Special Operation will provide you with a brand new one, made to the original specification and pattern.

If you need a new carbon fibre door, MSO still has all of the original tooling to make new panels. Although, there are also still a bunch of spare doors in storage. Imagine that: a room full of carbon-fibre doors.

Curb those expensive magnesium wheels? MSO still has a bunch of the originals.

How about an engine? Sure thing — there are original spares sitting around that you can borrow while yours gets rebuilt so you can keep driving.

Then if you want something modern for your F1, you can put Xenon headlights and a new, lightweight sports exhaust.

You can only get these parts from MSO and any owner can reach out directly to place an order. Major work needs to be done at the McLaren factory in England, but there is an official F1 service center in the U.S., which will be moving in a few weeks to McLaren Philadelphia.

McLaren wouldn’t say how much the parts cost, as the price varies depending on what is needed, but it’s “sufficient to say they are not cheap.”

What, did you think it would be?