King Arthur (Actor) Was Almost On Game Of Thrones

King Arthur (Actor) Was Almost On Game Of Thrones

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword star Charlie Hunnam wants a second chance to be on Game of Thrones, after he said he turned down his last offer to guest on the show. I’m hoping GoT reconsiders because all I want is to see King Arthur show up in Westeros for no damn reason, even if it doesn’t make sense in any world.

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In an interview with Sun Online, Hunnam revealed that he was offered a chance to cameo on Game of Thrones — though he didn’t specify which episode he’d be in, or what character he would play (though I’m still crossing my fingers for a random, nonsensical King Arthur crossover, just to make me laugh).

Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts got in the way, but it looks like he’s ready, willing, and able to join season 8, which is the only season left to film.

“I would love to do a Game of Thrones cameo, they offered me a cameo on that show a little while ago but I was shooting something else so I wasn’t able to do it but maybe in the future, who knows,” Hunnam said.

Of course, there’s no way King Arthur would ever be on Game of Thrones — not just because he’s not in Westeros, but because A Song of Ice and Fire purposefully rejects the classic hero’s tale. Author George RR Martin set out to deliberately subvert the Camelot story, presenting Bran Stark as a King Arthur-type hero whose life is drastically changed by tragedy.

In fact, some reports say Game of Thrones reinterpretation of the hero saga is the very reason Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur is tanking.

According to Variety, the $US175 ($237)-million film (barring marketing costs) only made $US25 ($34) million its opening weekend and future projections are looking bleak. Unless it manages to get a major boost in the coming weeks, whether from domestic or international sales, there’s no way it will make back its budget. Hopefully, there’s an extra peasant role for Hunnam in season eight.

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