Inventive Sculpture Brings Mars Attacks! To The Planet Of The Apes

In Tim Burtons' B-movie spoof Mars Attacks!, aliens invade Earth after a series of made-up cultural misunderstandings. However, what if they had waited a thousand years to make First Contact? Well, you'd probably get a decapitated Cornelius.

Japanese sculptor Akihiro Mogami unveiled his latest creation, a sculpture that blends together his two favourite films, Mars Attacks! and Planet of the Apes. According to his post, Mogami does a mix of 3D and traditional sculptures, and his work includes renditions of the Joker and Eureka!. This specific sculpture looks to have been made of clay — although he used an empty snow globe to make the helmet. While it might not be a flawless work of art (there are a few rough edges), I really admire the design, as well as the time that clearly went into all of the detailing. Now, here's hoping he paints it too!

You can check out some more photos below.

[Spoiler Free Movie Sleuth]

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