Handmade Alien Flipbook Animation Explains Everything You Need To Know About Xenomorphs

No time (or inclination) to go and watch Ridley Scott's latest stab at messing about with the Alien franchise? Don't worry, talented artist Serene Teh has you covered with this amazing flipbook animation.

OK, "flipbook" might not be entirely accurate. More like flip paper. But the idea is the same.

The basic premise of every Alien film is the same — terrifying xenomorph (or equally scary relative) gets loose and starts massacring people one by one, either by decapitation or, uh, exploding out of you.

Teh's animation gets to the guts of the story and explores a day in the life of your average human-killing alien. One guess as to what happens.

It's all over so quickly. I'd have enjoyed a few more scenes, but I can only imagine how long this particular sequence took.

[YouTube, via Geekologie]

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