GLOW Might Just Be The New Orange Is The New Black

'80s wrestling. Big hair. Alison Brie. Sound good? Well, there's a new show that might interest you.

GLOW is a new Netflix Original series about wrestling — one particular moment in time in wrestling. The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling was a promo that ran in the mid-'80s, built around colourful personas and powerful women. And this new series, starring Alison Brie alongside Marc Maron, looks like it'll be hella fun whether you know anything about wrestling or not.

It's executive produced by Jenji Kohan of OITNB and Weeds fame, so that's a big point in its favour if you've liked either of those shows in the past. From Netflix:

Big hair. Body slams. It's 1980s Los Angeles in this comedy series, and an unemployed actress keeps her dream alive by portraying a female wrestler.

GLOW will be on Netflix soon. Stay tuned for an exact date. [YouTube / Netflix]

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