Finally, You Can Be Possessed By The Thing in Board Game Form

You never really thought of it, but John Carpenter’s The Thing lends itself really well to a board game. One person has been consumed and while they try to fool everyone, everyone else is trying to figure out who’s the monster.

Yes, Kurt Russell, you are now a board game. Image: Universal

That’s more or less the idea behind The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31, the first ever board game from the folks at Mondo. It will be released in stores and online in October as well as in a limited edition of 1982 through the Mondo website (including a poster and different box art).

Here are images of the game box, board and cards.

So yeah, it’s a hidden identity game with lots of action. After you and your friends fight each other to see who plays MacReady (not really, but maybe), the other players can take Childs, Gerry or one of the other dozen or so characters. Player then have to investigate the facility, fight the Thing, figure out who has been infected, and ultimately — unlike in the movie, or so it’s implied — escape.

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