Even More Rumours About The Next Director Of The Flash Movie

Even More Rumours About The Next Director Of The Flash Movie

Sony might have a shortlist to play its first Valiant Comics hero. A former Game of Thrones star joins Amazon’s Philip K. Dick anthology. There’s a tiny chance Karl Urban could be part of the Judge Dredd TV show. Plus, trailers for Arrow and Flash‘s season finales, and new Star Trek: Discovery pictures. Spoilers now!

The Flash (Movie)

Both Sam Raimi (whose name was only recently listed as one of the contenders) and Marc Webb have already passed on directing The Flash, according to new reports. [EW]


According to The Wrap, Sony’s shortlist to play the Valiant Comics character includes Oscar Isaac, James McAvoy, Jake Gyllenhaal, Nicholas Hoult and Mark Wahlberg.

Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen

Both Bloody Disgusting and IGN found a promotional poster for the reboot at Cannes — it’s just a cropped photo of Mignola’s artwork, but “2018” is written underneath, as is the working title Rise of the Blood Queen.


The WWII-set Cloverfield prequel is racking up an impressive cast: Jacob Anderson, Dominic Applewhite, Pilou Asbæk, Iain de Caestecker, John Magaro, Mathilde Ollivier and Bokeem Woodbine have all joined the film in — you guessed it — undisclosed roles. [Screen Rant]

Cloverfield 3

Speaking with Collider, Oren Uziel explained how The God Particle became the third Cloverfield movie:

It was written before 10 Cloverfield Lane and the expanded Cloverfield universe even existed as a thing. It was a spec that I wrote probably a year or so after Shimmer Lake, so it definitely existed as its own science-fiction. And then after years of, you know how scripts kind of hang around — people like them but for whatever reason they decided to make it and then suddenly everything fell into place with J.J. [Abrams], Bad Robot, and Paramount. I don’t know exactly when it became a Cloverfield movie, but I suspect in this current market where it’s just harder and harder to market an original movie of any kind, a science-fiction movie in particular, but I think everyone just knew if it fits — and it does — into that Cloverfield world, it should, and it can only help.

The Craft

Speaking of Cloverfield — this supernatural thriller reboot is allegedly getting a rewrite from 10 Cloverfield Lane‘s scriptwriter, Daniel Casey. [Tracking Board]

War for the Planet of the Apes

In an interview with Den of Geek, producer Peter Chernin confirmed this film will conclusively end Caesar’s story:

We made a very conscious decision, frankly, when we started thinking about this seven or eight years ago, to look at these three movies as a trilogy in a lot of ways…It was inevitable from the moment apes gained intelligence that apes and humans were going to be on a collision course for what would be the dominant species on Earth. And this movie is the war to resolve that dominance. We’ve always looked at this as a three-part story. And the appropriate ending of that story is to see which species dominates.

Wonder Woman

Coming Soon has a new banner and international poster.

Electric Dreams

Richard Madden, the former Robb Stark, has joined Amazon’s Philip K. Dick anthology series for an adaptation of The Hood Maker. Madden will play Agent Ross in the dystopic short about telepath-blocking hoodies. [TV Line]


EW reports Scott Derrickson will direct the pilot, and the Hamilton musical’s Daveed Diggs will play a major — through currently undisclosed — role.

The Defenders

At Houston’s Comicpalooza, Luke Cage‘s Mike Colter accidentally revealed Madame Gao is returning — which makes sense, given the Hand-related shenanigans that are set to ensue — after incorrectly stating she appears in the trailer.

We saw Madame Gao [in the trailer]. Gao’s in it.

[MCU Exchange]

Empire has a new photo of the group. They all look very happy to be here.

Judge Dredd

On an episode of the 2000 AD Thrill-Cast, producer Brian Jenkins stated he’s uncertain whether Karl Urban will reprise his role as Dredd — but doesn’t outright say it’s impossible, so if you’re feeling optimistic, there might be a chance he does:

We have had many conversations prior to this, about all sorts of things. He’s also very busy, a full-time professional actor. So we’re going to have some long and complicated conversations I would imagine, and we’ll see where we go. It’s too early to tell yet, but if we can use him and he’s available to us, then I think that would be absolutely brilliant. There’s always a possibility he will be busy, or that his schedule for other movies won’t allow- Basically, we don’t know at this stage.

Agents of SHIELD

Speaking with IGN, producer Jeff Bell acknowledged “there’s a time jump” between seasons four and five. In the same interview, Jed Whedon teased Agents of SHIELD going galactic, following the cliffhanger that seemingly left Coulson lost in space.

The sandbox [of MCU material available] we’re playing in keeps getting bigger, and we want to explore all sides of it, and tell as many different stories as we can. Fortunately deep space is very different. We’ve gone there a little bit with Simmons. We felt like we enjoyed that, so maybe there’s more to come… We’re all, I think, properly terrified of what we’re doing next season the way we were properly terrified going into this season.


Ra’s Al Ghul arrives in the synopsis for the two-part season finale, incredibly titled “Heroes Rise: Destiny Calling” and “Heroes Rise: Heavydirtysoul”. One word, really.

With the deadly virus spreading throughout the city, the search for the antidote continues, as Fish Mooney (guest star Jada Pinkett Smith), The Riddler and Penguin reveal plans of their own. Bruce meets Ra’s Al Ghul (guest star Alexander Siddig) and completes his last task in order to fulfil his destiny, but realises he can’t let go of his past. Meanwhile, Gordon tries to win back Lee, and past alliances within Gotham City are broken, while new alliances are formed in the all-new, special two-hour “Heroes Rise: Destiny Calling/ Heroes Rise: Heavydirtysoul.

[Spoiler TV]

Twin Peaks

Welcome to Twin Peaks has tracked down some alluringly cryptic synopses for the new season on Showtime’s website.

Part 1: My log has a message for you.

Part 2: The stars turn and a time presents itself.

Part 3: Call for help.

Part 4: …brings back some memories.

Part 5: Case files.

Part 6: Don’t die.

Part 7: There’s a body all right.

Part 8: Gotta light?

Star Trek: Discovery

In the wake of yesterday’s trailer, the official Star Trek website has three more pictures to get you excited.

And here’s a poster:


Slade Wilson returns in the trailer for the season finale.

The Flash

And here’s a trailer for the finale of The Flash, which looks like a total bummer, what with Iris being dead and all.

There are also some new pictures from the finale — more at the link. [Coming Soon]


Liv eats a Dungeon Master’s brains in the synopsis of the excellently titled “Twenty Sided, Die”.

When a Dungeon Master is killed, Liv (Rose McIver) and Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) discover he was up to more than just playing in his mother’s basement. Meanwhile, Blaine’s (David Anders) experiment does not go as planned. Lastly, Ravi (Rahul Kohli) finds stumbles across some new information that could prove deadly.

[Spoiler TV]

Liv apparently takes a break from all the brain-eating for the plot-heavy and also delightfully titled “Return of the Dead Guy”.

Peyton (Aly Michalka) and Liv (Rose McIver) find themselves on a surprising wild goose chase. Ravi (Rahul Kohli) is terrified when the zombie truth hunters’ plans are revealed. Elsewhere, Major (Robert Buckley) finds comfort in an unexpected – and perhaps unwelcome – friend.

Finally, here are some images from the episode — head to the link to see more. [Ksite TV]

Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson. Banner art by Jim Cooke.