‘Even Better Than Free’: Freeview Is Getting A Makeover

‘Even Better Than Free’: Freeview Is Getting A Makeover

Beginning in June, catch-up TV service Freeview Australia will have a new look, a new “Even better than free” tagline – and there have been some non-cosmetic upgrades, too.

Freeview Plus is promising to offer “a more simplified user experience” along with a “sophisticated look and feel”. The updated service will also incorporate “new brand architecture”.

“Australians are now watching more than one billion minutes of catch-up TV every month,” said Freeview CEO Liz Ross.

“This time 10 years ago, Australian viewers only had access to five free-to-air channels, whereas today we have more than 25. TV is everywhere and any time, and with catch-up services supplementing traditional TV viewing, we have certainly entered the golden era of TV.”

Freeview says there are around 2.2 million TV receivers in Australia that are Freeview Plus-enabled, with an 85 per cent connection rate.