Amazon Is Adapting Teenage Assassin Movie Hanna Into A Series

Hanna, the 2011 thriller starring Saoirse Ronan, is the latest movie to get turned into a television show. Amazon's working on a series about a prodigy assassin on the run who is also encountering the real world for the first time.

Image: Hanna, Focus Features

The original movie was directed by Joe Wright, who won't be involved in the new series. However, Hanna co-writer David Farr, who also adapted The Night Manager for AMC, will be writing the script for the Amazon show.

It's an interesting pick for a show — it certainly has enough big themes to fit a TV show. On the other hand, one of the flaws in the original movie was that it was a little slow, which could lead to problems considering a series will have a lot more time to fill.

That said, this whole thing is a bit Nikita-ish, so we'll see where it goes.

[The Hollywood Reporter]

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