According To The Last Knight, Transformers Have Been On Earth Forever And Also Fought Nazis

According To The Last Knight, Transformers Have Been On Earth Forever And Also Fought Nazis
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Wait. Does that mean the Decepticons fought on Hitler’s side?

Image: Paramount

Pretty much all the Transformers: The Last Knight footage we’ve seen so far has focused on a dystopian present and an Arthurian past. But now we’ve gotten a good look at the entire “secret” history of the Transformers and it is pretty much as hilariously out of place as you’d expect. I maintain that hiding giant transforming robots in the past would be pretty much impossible and no movie up to this point has been like, “Oh yeah, remember how we learned about giant robots in mythology classes/history/anything else?”

This video is one minute long, and yet this 60 seconds packs so much complete insanity that I think I might love this movie? Let’s see. There are WWII posters redone with giant robots on them:

I swear, it isn’t the “ENEMY” poster that clearly implies that the Decepticons were Nazis that gets me here. It’s AL GORE on the bottom right. Did Al Gore invent robots along with the internet? Is this an alternate universe where he was the president? I don’t know, I don’t care, I love this movie.

Also in Anthony Hopkins’ oddly cluttered Transformers history museum is a photo of a giant samurai robot:

A formal Transformer:

There is no way this isn’t a reference to Shia LeBoeuf’s Sam Witwicky. This is going to be retconned to his whole family line being friends of the Autobots.

I don’t even know what this is:

Is it a Decepticon causing the Krakatoa eruption? This is a famous lithograph of it, but with a giant robot in it.

And then we have the Camelot stuff we’ve seen before, followed by this:

All narrated by Anthony Hopkins who, I guess, is who you hire to spout insane garbage about robots these days. It’s a short hop, skip and a jump from his Westworld character to here.

Now, I know the Dinobots imply a long history of Transformers on Earth, but still, this is completely bananas a thing to do. Once you do this, anything could be a Transformer. The Mayflower. The Spruce Goose. The Tiananmen Square tank. Anything.

And since Michael Bay’s at the helm of it all, there’s a decent chance any or all of it will end up on-screen. I mean, the Nazi building in the film? It’s actually Winston Churchill’s home. So who knows? Here, watch this thing for yourself:

Bay broke history with this and it’s going to be such a glorious mess. Mark June 22 in your calendars for this.