You Can Now Watch Rogue One With Sphero’s BB-8 Droid

You Can Now Watch Rogue One With Sphero’s BB-8 Droid
Image: Sphero

Rogue One is out today on Blu-ray and DVD in Australia, a couple of weeks after it came out on digital. That’s great news, but it’s even better if you own one of Sphero’s little BB-8 droids — which can now watch the film alongside you.

Sphero’s little $199 BB-8 is great fun to pilot around your living room, crashing into tables and chair legs and people legs, but it also has a ‘Watch With Me’ feature that takes things to the next level.

If you’re planning on watching Rogue One (or The Force Awakens) then all you have to do is just put BB-8 in his cradle and open Sphero’s app on your phone. From there, your phone’s microphone will pick up the movie playing and BB-8 will visibly react with motion and sound — the sound comes from the phone’s speaker, since BB-8 doesn’t have a speaker of his own — as the movie progresses.

You can pause and skip around as you want and BB-8 will know where you’re up to, which is pretty cool. We’ve got our little battle-scarred BB-8 here — he’s been stickin’ around with us since The Force Awakens — and we think that his latest update is as good a reason as any to re-watch Rogue One this weekend.