You Can Now Apply For A Job At Maccas With Snapchat

Image: iStock

It's called "Snaplications", and as well as producing an instinctual shudder in anyone over the age of 30, it lets the youngins apply for a job at McDonalds through a medium they are quite likely to be comfortable with - Snapchat.

According to News, it's basically a SnapChat filter that shows you with a uniform on (name badge and hat) - then you have a yarn about yourself for 10 seconds before it's sent off to Maccas recruiters, and you're sent off to the application form.

This is what it looks like on a jaded 35 year old:

Image: Rae Johnston

You'll still need to apply the traditional way, and you'll still need to go to an interview, but the recruiters will get an idea of your personality before you arrive - and if they think you're cut out for customer service.

Welcome to the future, my friends.

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