Welcome To ‘Place’, Where Australia Is Bunnings Snags And Steve Irwin Holding A Crocodile [NSFW]

Welcome To ‘Place’, Where Australia Is Bunnings Snags And Steve Irwin Holding A Crocodile [NSFW]

I guess I’ll start this by explaining what ‘Place’ is. This is gonna be tough, cause I’m only just starting to understand it myself.

Place is relatively simple. ‘Place’ is a social experiment. It’s an online spot on Reddit, a online blank canvas where users are allowed to draw one pixel in one of sixteen colours every 15 minutes.

Only it’s not blank anymore. It’s chaos.

But it’s also a controlled, amazing internet type of chaos. Meaning it’s hilarious, weird and completely beyond definition.

It’s a battleground. It’s blue spaces, video game pixel art. It’s everything you can imagine in one… Place.

Here’s a GIF of what happened so far…

Made a gif of the timelapse so far

I mean what?

‘Place’ originated on Reddit. The ‘Place’ subreddit is utterly fascinating, with tales of certain areas being under attack, rallying calls for different groups within place to reclaim spaces. It’s just collective internet insanity on a massive scale.

At one point there was a Blue Corner. The blue corner became so ubiquitous it got its own sub-reddit.

It was literally just a blue corner.

Now it looks like this:

I have no idea what it’s going to look like in an hour or two, but people are already trying to reclaim the space:

Here’s what happened when Australian people started taking part.

Yes, that is a Kangaroo with the VB logo and ‘Straya Cunts’ written underneath it.

But things have moved on since then. The image now has a picture of Steve Irwin holding a crocodile.

This is beautiful.

I have no idea what’s going to happen next, but I will be watching.