That Pepsi Ad Gets A Sci-Fi Twist

That Pepsi Ad Gets A Sci-Fi Twist
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The now-removed Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad has had its share of parodies over the past week, including one from the latest episode of Saturday Night Live, but the best one so far has to be the clip that added a touch of eerily relevant science fiction, thanks to a pair of They Live sunglasses.

YouTuber Flea Market Socialist shared a video clip that took the latest “Pepsi Generation” misfire and combined it with visuals inspired by the 1988 scifi classic They Live. In the movie, a drifter discovers that the world is being controlled by disguised aliens who are manipulating people with subliminal messages to buy, breed, and consume. A pair of stylish sunglasses are all that stand between our hero and the ignorant populace beholden to the status quo. You can watch the original movie clip here.

The video is clearly designed to make a point about the nature of advertising and consumerism, one that not everyone might agree with. Whether or not you agree that capitalism is an alien force of evil, the video does its job at conveying its intended message… way better than the Pepsi ad did, anyway.