Turn Your Expensive Smartphone Into A Tiny Antiquated Macintosh

Turn Your Expensive Smartphone Into A Tiny Antiquated Macintosh

After releasing a stand that turned the Apple Watch into a miniature Macintosh computer to sit on your bedside table while it charges, Elago has now essentially done the same thing for your iPhone with its M4 stand, which lets your phone cosplay as a vintage Apple computer that’s woefully underpowered in comparison.

Dressing up your iPhone 6 or 7 is as easy as sliding your smartphone into this make-believe silicone Macintosh, which props your device up for hands-free use. If you want to use a matching vintage Apple keyboard with it, however, you might be out of luck unless it’s been hacked and upgraded with wireless Bluetooth functionality, which simply didn’t exist way back in 1984.

While your iPhone is dressed up as a classic Macintosh computer, you’ll still have easy access to its home button, but adjusting the volume is a bit more complicated, requiring you to stick your fingers into an opening on the underside to reach those buttons. As for the lock switch on the other side? That seems completely inaccessible, unfortunately.

Available now for $US30 ($40) in beige or black, it’s cheaper than buying and gutting a real Macintosh computer on eBay if you’ve got a nostalgic itch. However, if you also want to run the classic Mac OS on your mobile device for authenticity’s sake, you’ll have a far easier time emulating it on an Android smartphone instead.

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