Thor Loses More Than Just His Hammer In The First Trailer For Thor: Ragnarok

Video: Thor’s latest villain — Hela, the Goddess of Death — is already proving to be his biggest rival yet in our first look at the next Thor movie. Mjolnir is gone, Asgard is sundered, and most shockingly of all: The God of Thunder’s been given a haircut.

OK, so we knew about the haircut already — it’s part of Thor’s new gladiatorial look — but still, it’s kind of shocking to see it in action in and among the madness that is the rest of this trailer.

And there’s a lot going on. War in Asgard, Loki flipping throwing knives like a badarse, and of course, that moment between Thor and Hulk in the arena. This looks fun as hell — more like an extension of the Team Thor shorts than either of the past two Thor films — and totally wild.

Thor: Ragnarok swings into theatres October 26.