This Poor Bastard Got Hit In The Face With A Drift Car’s Wing

This Poor Bastard Got Hit In The Face With A Drift Car’s Wing

Photographers at motorsports events often seem to take a perverse delight from placing themselves in what looks like eminent car-induced peril. We’ve seen photographers hit by cars, seen them leap out of the way at he last minute, seen near scrapes, but this is the first time I think I’ve ever seen a car slap a photographer across the face.

These pictures are courtesy of Yvonne Vazquez, who was on hand to snap these amazing and painful-looking photographs of fellow photographer Sean O’Keefe as he took the side of that 350Z’ wing right to the damn face:

Holy crap, right?

Thankfully, he was fine, and here’s some video of the post-350Zapping and recovery:

Things can happen pretty fast out on the track, and I’m sure nobody was expecting the 350Z to hit the wall, but there’s probably still something to be learned about staying well clear of the edge of the spectator area when a car’s nearby. I know what it’s like when you’re trying to get just that right shot, so I can’t be too judgmental here.

Of course, the internet being the internet, there are plenty of people having fun with this poor guy’s misfortune. I’m ashamed to say this made me laugh:

Oh, we’re all terrible people.