The Clone Wars Almost Featured Boba Fett Dueling With Cad Bane

The Clone Wars Almost Featured Boba Fett Dueling With Cad Bane

Unless there’s a new movie, it’s rare for Star Wars fans to learn something new about old Star Wars content. That changes at Star Wars Celebration, which is where Star Wars Rebels and Clone Wars producer Dave Filoni chose to reveal an unfinished, unaired snippet from The Clone Wars featuring two popular characters.

A painting of Boba Fett. Image: Jason Edmiston

Those characters are Cad Bane and Boba Fett, bounty hunters from two different Star Wars eras. Filoni revealed a clip from the unaired, unfinished season of Clone Wars that, until now, he did not have permission to reveal. It featured Boba Fett, in a much more heroic role, showing down with Cad Bane, a Clone Wars-era bounty hunter who was trying to teach Fett about the business of bounty. And at the end, one of the biggest mysteries about Boba Fett was answered.

What better way to experience the clip than to just watch it? Here’s an unofficial version, that’s online for now.

And you can hear Filoni talk about it at 2:13 in the day one live stream at this link.

Filoni said, as you can hear in that live stream, that the idea for Bane to blast Boba in the helmet, explaining how he got the dent in his helmet, was directly from George Lucas himself. Which is pretty cool. What he didn’t say is why this footage hadn’t been seen until Celebration Orlando. My conspiracy theory is that because Boba Fett was having a movie developed about him, one that could have potentially featured other bounty hunters too, Lucasfilm didn’t want any major character arcs that wouldn’t fit into that. Such as a heroic showdown with Cad Bane.

We’ll have more from Celebration later today including our first look at Star Wars: The Last Jedi.