Tesla Is Worth More Than Ford

Tesla Is Worth More Than Ford

According to the latest stock market figures, Tesla, at $US47.46 billion, is worth $US2.57 billion more than Ford – and is only $US3.55 billion away from overtaking General Motors.

The figures, as reported by TechCrunch, are based on the close of yesterday’s market trading – which has Tesla up and Ford down. But Tesla only shipped 76,000 cars last year, and Ford – well, it’s Ford. They ship millions.

The reason for the figures could be as simple as Tesla having better first quarter figures on production and deliveries than predicted, and Ford facing issues with F-150 recalls in the US and monthly sales falling by seven per cent.

Tesla’s stock is now trading at $US291.54, which is the highest it has ever reached.

Let’s see what the next close of day brings, shall we?