Tesla Is Worth More Than Ford

According to the latest stock market figures, Tesla, at $US47.46 billion, is worth $US2.57 billion more than Ford - and is only $US3.55 billion away from overtaking General Motors.

The figures, as reported by TechCrunch, are based on the close of yesterday's market trading - which has Tesla up and Ford down. But Tesla only shipped 76,000 cars last year, and Ford - well, it's Ford. They ship millions.

The reason for the figures could be as simple as Tesla having better first quarter figures on production and deliveries than predicted, and Ford facing issues with F-150 recalls in the US and monthly sales falling by seven per cent.

Tesla's stock is now trading at $US291.54, which is the highest it has ever reached.

Let's see what the next close of day brings, shall we?



    Revenue - US$7.00B [2] (2016)
    Operating income - US$-667.3M [2] (2016)
    Net income - US$-674.9M [2] (2016)
    Total assets - US$22.66B[2] (2016)
    Total equity - US$4.75B [2] (2016)

    Revenue - US$151.8 billion (2016)[1]
    Operating income - US$4.116 billion (2016)[1]
    Net income - US$4.596 billion (2016)[1]
    Total assets - US$237.9 billion (2016)[1]
    Total equity - US$29.17 billion (2016)[1]

    I think Ford wins hands down

      Share price is based on future earnings potential. If you consider the potential of batteries and solar too it would be easy to see them overtake Ford profits in a decade.

    Agree. 'Unicorn' tech cap rates are stupid and not negotiable IRL

    It feels like another Kodak moment and Ford hasn't realized it yet.

    Electric Cars are the way forward. Sure it's easy to keep doing the same but easy doesn't make you a great motor car company. Change is in the air.

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