Only ‘Supervising’ Adults Allowed In Melbourne’s Legoland Discovery Centre [Updated]

Only ‘Supervising’ Adults Allowed In Melbourne’s Legoland Discovery Centre [Updated]

On Tuesday the first Legoland Discovery centre in the southern hemisphere opened in Melbourne’s Chadstone shopping centre.

The $12 million centre features a four-dimensional cinema, a detailed model of Melbourne, and over two million Lego bricks to make your own creations – but if you were considering splashing $77 on yourself for an annual pass to this brick-filled wonderland, there’s some bad news coming your way.

According to those behind the 17 global Legoland Discovery Centres, Melbourne was chosen as an ideal location after research showed the city has Australia’s largest Lego fan base. But it is now clear the centre is only aimed at children aged three to 10, with “supervising adults” the only kind allowed through the doors.

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That’s right – as reported by SMH, there’s a “no kid, no entry” policy in place, with management saying all Legoland Discovery Centres are “not suitable or designed for adults”.

There are “adults-only” nights planned, however. I hope they are nowhere near as sordid as that sounds. We’ll keep you up to date with further details.

Update: Legoland have provided us with an official statement on the policy, which reads as follows:

LEGOLAND Discovery Centres are not retail shops alone, they are small, indoor children’s attractions similar to children’s play centres however designed around the iconic LEGO brick. Most importantly they are unique and very special places specifically conceived and designed from a child’s perspective, providing 2/3 hours of high quality interactive and educational fun for children aged 3-10 and their families and friends.

Many of the key features in the attraction therefore are not suitable or designed for the use of older children or grown adults of any ability – the soft play area, or DUPLO Farm for example.
LEGOLAND Discovery Centres include a range of exciting LEGO play areas, interactive rides, brick pools, master classes from the LEGO Master Model Builders, special party rooms for birthdays and other celebrations, a 4D cinema and, of course, the popular MINILAND area which will reflect Melbourne’s iconic buildings and landmarks in LEGO bricks.

In order to constantly maintain a quality experience in which to play, LEGOLAND Discovery Centres around the world do not permit entry to any groups of adults, adult couples, who are not accompanied by a young child or children during standard hours. Developed in discussion with our visitors, we believe this policy to be appropriate and practical for this particular attraction and its visitor profile.

We absolutely embrace our Adult fans of LEGO and recognise that the appeal of the LEGO brick uniquely crosses all barriers, and fans come in all ages and abilities. As such we have developed a series of regular Adult nights. The Adult nights have been created not only to provide an opportunity for Adults to be welcomed into our centre but provide a high quality product experience that all Adult fans will enjoy.

The Adult Nights are scheduled for 25 May and 22 June, and tickets will be on-sale from 1 May for $32.50 from the website.

Legoland also wanted to make it clear all members of the public – kids and adultys alike – are welcome in the retail store, which will feature a “Pick-A-Brick wall, a Build a
Minifigure section, and many limited edition and hard to find products”.